‘Bless us to encourage, love and learn’

Telephone: 020 7254 5598

Our Governing Body is made up out of appointed, elected and ex-officio members.  Usually, the full governing body meets once or twice per term.  We also have an opportunity to monitor the life of the school through meeting with staff, looking at the work of pupils and governor training.

Members of the Board 2017 – 18 include:

Timothy Meaker (parent), Chair of Governors, appointed by the London Diocesan Board for Schools (20/09/16 to 19.08.20).  In 2016 Tim was Parochial Church Council appointed governor until 31.08.16

Lindsey Cordwell, Vice Chair of Governors, appointed by the Islington Deanery (18.10.16 to 17.10.20)

Alison Ball, appointed by the Local Authority (23.03.16 to 22.03.20)

Susan Perriam, appointed by the London Diocesan Board for Schools (01.07.15 to 30.06.19)

Tracy Batchelor, elected by the staff (03.2018)

(Vacancy from August 2016), elected by the Parochial Church Council of St Jude and St Paul’s Church

Ruth Watson, elected parent governor (06.10.16 to 05.10.20)

Amelie Taralle, elected parent governor (22.10.15 to 21.10.19)

Nichola West (parent), appointed by the Islington Deanery (23.02.15 to 22.09.19)

Adeola Oladejo, headteacher, ex-offico (September 2017 – ongoing)

Rock Sturt, vicar of St Paul with St Jude’s, ex-officio (March 2018 – ongoing)

Clerking: The main Governing Body meetings are clerked by the LDBS Clerking Service. Committees are clerked by Jan Brown.

Committee Structure: There are three main committees which oversee various aspects of the school’s work.  Each committee has Terms of Reference which guides their work.  Each committee works closely with the headteacher and his staff to set the agenda for meetings and in following up inspection report actions and overall strategy.

General Purposes Committee: Chaired by Susan Perriam.  This committee looks at finances, staffing, policy regulations and compliance.

Children, Families and Community Committee: Chaired by Nichola West.  This committee looks are all aspects of school life linked to children, families and the community, which includes attendance, behaviour parental complaints, school uniform and questionnaires.

Curriculum and Achievement Committee: Chaired by Timothy Meaker.  This committee focuses on standards of achievement and progress in the curriculum, curriculum development, and data analysis.

Governors’ Register of Interest Each governor is required to complete a Governors’ Register of Interests Form and declare their business interest, conflict of interest.

The following governors have registered an interest:

Alison Ball is a Head of Drama in a secondary school (where some of our ex-pupils attend)

Timothy Meaker’s wife is a member of the teaching staff.

Contacting a Governor If you would like to contact a member of the governing body you can:

  • Telephone or email the school office with your contact details which they will forward on to the chair of governors (020 7254 5598 – admin@sjsp.islington.sch.uk)