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Ms Prevett’s Blog

Welcome to my blog page where I will update you with things I have been doing and enjoying!  I will also set some short challenges and activities you can have a go at if you would like.  You can make comments on my blog posts and share your ideas! You can even just say hello if you like - it would be lovely to hear from you!

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  • Time and Change

    Published 23/06/20, by Louise Prevett

    Looking back on a hot, sunny day!

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  • Knock, Knock...

    Published 18/05/20, by e4 education

    Who's there?!

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  • I love ❤️ Albert!

    Published 11/05/20, by e4 education

    Do you have a favourite animal?

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  • Beautiful, Giant Bubbles ❤️

    Published 07/05/20, by e4 education

    What do you think of bubbles? 

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  • How old is this tree?

    Published 04/05/20, by e4 education

    What is the oldest thing you own?

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  • The first song I owned!

    Published 30/04/20, by e4 education

    Making Your Mind Up!

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  • Super Powers

    Published 26/04/20, by e4 education

    Hanging out with The Hulk!

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  • T-Shirt Designs...

    Published 22/04/20, by e4 education

    What T-Shirt design would you produce for The NHS/Key Workers?

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