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Beautiful, Giant Bubbles ❤️

What do you think of bubbles? 

Hello everyone!

I have always loved bubbles! Big, giant bubbles, teeny marble-sized bubbles, streams of glorious bubbles! There is something very captivating about them...the rainbow colours glistening on their perfect circle and the way they float into the air or pop suddenly - miniature drops sparkling brightly.

As a child and an adult, I have always found them quite magical! I took the photograph above on a trip to Barcelona and watched the huge bubbles for ages. I found it relaxing and imagined floating away in one myself to a land of fairies, rainbows and ponies!

What do you really love watching when out and about? Do you like bubbles as much as me? Do you find them exciting or relaxing? Maybe you don’t like bubbles much - what do you prefer?

I am off to blow bubbles in the park and hope to hear about your thoughts later!

Have a good day.

Ms Prevett x

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