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Time and Change

Looking back on a hot, sunny day!

Hi all,

I have been thinking of ways to keep cool in my office on a hot day!  A swimming pool is probably not going to happen so I appreciate that Ray has helped by finding me an electric fan.  I could also do with a supply of refreshing ice lollies.  I have been thinking back to the ice lollies I liked best as a child... Mr Men lollies when I was a pre-schooler and then Tangle Twisters - which you can still buy today.  Not for 25p though!!!  How times change :)  I think I prefer an ice cream nowadays.

It has got me thinking about change. School life has changed in recent months, for example.

Change can sometimes feel a bit scary or daunting but it can also be an opportunity for things to improve or for us to try something new and exciting.

Change is a natural part of life and it can be fun to look back at the past and think about things that have changed - like the cost of ice lollies!

How have things that you like changed as you have grown up?

Ms Prevett


  • Rimona💞 1 year ago
    Hi Miss Prevett, One thing that has changed is my brother 😂🤧. He is always outside at work and he used to pick me and my sister from school (he still does but with a car). I liked it when we went by walk because my brother used to ride his bike while I’m behind him and my sister had to walk! Now we just go by a bus or my brother takes us by a car. But since lockdown he has stayed home with us most of the time because he has work 8(
  • Ms Prevett 1 year ago
    Hi Rimona! So lovely to hear from you :) Do you still ride your bike lots? I have a scooter now - mainly to help me keep up with my little boy when we are in the park! It is so much fun! I love picking up speed downhill as I race him. Missing your lovely smile! x
  • Rimona 1 year ago
    I do ride on a hoverboard/Segway , but my bike is too small and I gave it away to my cousins now I share on with my sister but I need the seat to be low and it's broken so my dad needs to fix it
  • Ms Prevett 1 year ago
    I have never tried those, Rimona! If I could, I would ride a horse to school every day! I am not sure where I could leave it during the day though... they need such a lot of space to run around! x

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