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Hello New Year 4's

Summer Homework.

Hello Year 3 (future Year 4’s),


I hope that all of you are well and I wanted to say a well done to all of you who have worked so hard this year. I am really happy knowing that I will be your teacher next year and I hope that we will have a successful year.

It is important that over the summer break we take the time to rest and make sure that we are ready for September. Please make sure that you still do some reading and if you have the time try to do some bits and pieces of Maths such as DoodleMaths and times tables.

There is an activity that I would like you to complete over the summer. Our first topic in September will be The Romans. I think it would be amazing if you can do some research into the Romans. You can research; What they created, who was in charge, what countries they visited, who their Gods were. There are so many things to find out about them. Once you have collected all of your information I would like you to make a Powerpoint so that in our first couple of days at school you can show everyone what you have learnt.


Once again I want to tell you how proud both Diane and I are of all of you. Diane has told me that she is going to miss you all but just know she is only a few classrooms away and will always have the time for a chat with you. I hope that you have an amazing summer holidays and I cannot wait to see you all in September.


Mr Briggs and Diane.