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Yay! A new arrival.

Look at what the stork brought in.

Hello everyone,

I, you’ll be sad to note, am not Mrs Patel. However, your dour mood will be uplifted when I let you know that I am the one writing this because Mrs Patel has had her baby! Little baby Milo was born at 5:17am on the 5th of June. Both baby and mummy are well and Milo is, of course, incredibly cute.

Please feel free to congratulate Mrs and Mr Patel below in the comments, I’m sure they will be glad to hear from you all!

Mr Hernandez

  • Amiyah 5 months ago
    hi Mrs Patel , congratulations on your new baby boy . He looks so cute and adorable .hope to see you soon.
  • Sophia 2 weeks ago
    Awwww he is so cute!! Congratulations!
  • Azzan 2 weeks ago
    Congratulations Mrs Patel for having Milo.
  • joe 2 weeks ago
    hi congratulations on having a baby we miss you!
  • Merdan 2 weeks ago
    Congratulations on your baby boy! Hope you have a nice day.
  • Joe 2 weeks ago
    Hi its me joe I hope you had a good day with you son (milo)
  • Joe 2 weeks ago
    Hola,it joe have a very nice week every (be safe)
  • aMaYA 2 weeks ago
    Awww he is very VERY cute congratulations!! xx
  • oscar 2 weeks ago
    Congratulations on your baby he looks so cute
  • Emanuel 1 week ago
    Congratulations on having a baby he's very cute!
  • Tilly 1 week ago
    Congratulation Mrs and Mr Patel! Milo is so cute! Everyone in Year 6 misses you so much. Love Tilly
  • J0e 1 week ago
    Hi I hope you had a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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