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Sing me a song!

I'd like to teach the world to sing...

Mr Allinson has returned to the fold! That means he’s coming back. Kind of. He is kindly helping us with creating a leavers song for Year 6. As this is all being done remotely, it has been a real team effort between Year 6 and Mr Allinson. The children who are at school have already contributed a few choice memories to include in the song including some of the trips they’ve been on, special days, funny things that happened, teachers they’ve had and so on. In terms of writing lyrics, Mr Allinson wouldn’t have been able to write anything without your help but without him, we wouldn’t have anything that sounds nearly as amazing! A big thank you and welcome back to Mr Allinson would be kind as we (as in I) wouldn’t be able to do this without him.

I've attached the video for you to listen to and practise at home.

What do you think of it? Did it bring back any fond memories?

Mr Hernandez


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  • sophia 2 years ago
    this song is really catchy!thank u so much Mr Allinson for writing this song for us!!!
  • Joe 2 years ago
    It was so good my family love it
  • oscer 2 years ago
    i like that song its well written, nice chord progression and I love the guitar solo! The title of the song is spot on.
  • April 2 years ago
    It was so good. My family love it.
  • Joe 2 years ago
    When is the video up online
  • Tilly 1 year ago
    Hi Mr Allinson, I really, really like the riff in this! I also love the way that it starts of really slow and peaceful and BAM! FROM OUT ABCs. I think it’s really amazing.My parents really like it especially my mum. Thank you a lot! You have really saved the end of the year 😁

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