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Year 6 Leavers' Service

Don't be said you're leafing.

We're coming up to the end of the school year. A time when you might be looking back at your time at primary school and looking ahead to what might come next.

We will be having a school leavers' party and an end of Year 6 assembly coming up in the last week of term. We would love it if you could share a memory of your time at St Jude and St Paul’s. For example, I will never forget one of my first science lessons with your class when you were in Year 3 and every single one of you told me you could see in the dark and the heated discussion that followed when we tested this and I proved that you, in fact, could not. BECAUSE OUR EYES NEED LIGHT TO SEE!

If you want to share your memory with the school in the leavers assembly, send it to the e-mail address:

If you have lots to share with everyone in Year 6, please leave them in the comments section below.

Mr Hernandez

  • Doudaa 3 years ago
    my favorite moment was when we did the midsummer nights dream play because it was the first time i performed and i hope to do more of this in secondary school
  • Azzan 3 years ago
    One of my favourite memories is when I was going to year 6 I was so excited
  • ruddy 3 years ago
    i rember in y5 this person came and had pets he had a sknak and we got to hold it
  • Nihal 3 years ago
    hey Mr Hernandez! alright.The first bit was correct.None of us should be sad that were leaving.In fact we should be happy that were going to a new school!Also,maybe just maybe we might not be able to see in the dark.Ok fine we cant see in the dark. From Nihal
  • Merdan 3 years ago
    I remember when I first came to this school and i was shy but now am in year 6 and am going to secondary.
  • Rayan 3 years ago
    My favourite memory is when Me,Dylan and doudaa were in the the school alone.Then we played hide and seek when we were in Reception and then we got lost meanwhile are parents came looking for us from Rayan
  • Tilly 3 years ago
    ❤My favorite memory is when I visited this school for the day. I went home with a wad of drawings- one i can remember mostly was by Amaya, it was a picture of me and her with the caption 'Me and you when we grow up.'❤ Tilly
  • aMAYa 3 years ago
    oNe mY mEmoRiEs iS wHEn SomE aNimAL pEopLe cAme AnD tHe sPidEr neArly gOt lOst AHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA AnD WhEn nAbeL bRokE tHE cEilInG
  • joe 3 years ago
    My best memory was when the hole class was standing under the tree and we took a class photo
  • paticia 3 years ago
    my favorite memory is when it my first day at school because we got to do fun activity's
  • Sophia 3 years ago
    I don't really have a favourite memory but I have to say one of my favourite things about my time at school was that my friends always had my back, when I found it difficult they were always there, I couldn't have imagined better friend if i tried!!!
  • April 3 years ago
    In Reception, we stood under the tree for a class photo with Miss Batchelor and Janet. It made me feel happy,
  • jonny 3 years ago
    I remember when we went to Kew gardens and we saw loads of cool sculptures. it made me feel like there were loads of things you can do with nature.
  • Amiyah 3 years ago
    My favourite memory is when we were in reception and went to a really fun beach. This is one of my favourite memory's because we got to make sandcasles and swim in the water. Then after we had delicous icecream with sprinkles on it.

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