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Trying my hand at baking! 

Hi Year 6! 

Can't wait for some of you to start replying to these posts - feel like I am talking to myself a bit at the moment - lols. 

So, for the last few days I have been trying to do some baking! I think anyone that knows me would say that this isn't a talent of mine - but I have been giving it a go! So far, I baked some peanut butter and banana flapjacks, which I have to admit, weren't fantastic. Everyone else liked them but it wasn't sweet enough for me and tasted way too much like banana! Yesterday, I baked a vanilla sponge cake for Mr Patel's birthday. I need to decorate it still. I have bought some orange roll out icing and some M&M's to go on top. Let's see how this tastes! 

Have any of you been trying something new that you didn't try or do as much before the lockdown? Let me know! :) 

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