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Are you a Squirrel?

Hello Year 5!

It has been a while hasn't it? I hope you've been able to get a little bit of exercise each day, especially as the weather has been so wonderful recently. 

Like many grown ups, I've been secretly watching a lot of Hey Duggee. It's great! Every episode, the squirrels do something different. It could be singing, dancing, painting, building or science! 

Now, I love Betty but I'm told I'm most like Roly because I'm loud and silly. 

Which fictional character do you think you are most like and why? It could be any character from books, film, comics or cartoons.

Keep safe and look after one another,

Mr Hernandez

  • Rimona 1 month ago
    Well done for sharing your secret and it’s ok I love to watch hey dugee aswell (well I used to when I was 7)
  • Ed 1 month ago
    Hi Mr Hernandez - I took the quiz and I was Roly too! I think that the fictional character I most identify with is Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, because he likes to wind up his older sibling...
  • Miss Green 1 month ago
    Thanks for the recommended TV Mr Hernandez, I'll add it to my schedule! I would like to be like Phileas Fogg (80 days around the world) and fly around the world in a hot air balloon so I can see every city from a safe distance.
  • Sofia.s 1 month ago
    I liked hey dugee to! but right now i like the amazing world of gumball,and my favorite characters are Darwin and Gumball because they are both silly and really funny.
  • Marco Hernandez 2 months ago
    Thank you for the support everyone! I'm glad to see everyone thinking about their characters and I'm pleased I'm not the only Roly here.
  • Nii 3 weeks ago
    i haven't seen this show in years and its not so bad to like a show no matter what age you are is just life so yeah :)
  • Jasmine 3 weeks ago
    Hi everyone, I also liked hey dugee when I was younger, but now I’m more into YouTube and David Walliam books 😁

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