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Do you have a mystery that needs solving?

Why don't people wear hats anymore?

I've really been enjoying reading some Sherlock Holmes stories and watching the BBC TV series. I love both versions of  Sherlock and I think a consulting detective is a brilliant idea. If I were Watson, I'd be constantly asking Sherlock for help.

"Sherlock, where are my keys?"

"Who put the empty milk bottle back in the fridge, Sherlock?"

"Which flat is it that won't put the recycling in the correct bin?" 

So many mysteries. 

Do you have a mystery that you'd like solved?

Mr Hernandez 

  • Joshua 1 month ago
    I'd like to know how long till I get all my birthday presents!
  • Caleb 1 month ago
    I want to know how many months it will take until all my birthday presents and cards arrive
  • Rimona ago
    I'd like to know how long until all of this is over because i dont like doing online homework anymore!
  • Miss Green ago
    Where is that sock gone? There's always one missing..... Keep going Rimona - Well done for working hard at home! Caleb and Joshua - I hope they come on time!

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