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Year 6 Class Blog

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  • Celebrations in Lockdown!

    Published 18/05/20, by Teacher Secure

    A lovely surprise during these strange times!!!

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  • Another day in Isolation!

    Published 14/05/20, by Teacher Secure

    The daily life of Mrs Patel...

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  • A poem for all of Year 6!

    Published 11/05/20, by Teacher Secure

    What would have been SATs week...

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  • Experimental Cooking!

    Published 07/05/20, by Teacher Secure

    Getting creative in the kitchen! 

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  • Weekend fun!

    Published 04/05/20, by Teacher Secure

    Lockdown weekend activities!

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  • Entertainment through isolation!

    Published 30/04/20, by Teacher Secure

    Recommend a book! 

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  • Baking!

    Published 27/04/20, by Teacher Secure

    Trying my hand at baking! 

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  • Gadgets!

    Published 22/04/20, by Louise Prevett

    My New Boiling Tap!

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