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My New Boiling Tap!

Hi Year 6!
I hope you are all okay and keeping safe! I have just been out for my daily walk – it is getting a lot warmer these days which is nice – time to get a tan! 

How are you spending your time during self – isolation? Has anyone learnt any new skills? I have been helping my mum with a big job – organising old family photos! So far, I have sorted through about 2800 of them!! It is very weird seeing what my family members looked like and dressed like 40+ years ago! 

Here is a mini project for you – just for fun! My kitchen has been re done recently and I am super excited by our new boiling tap – it means you don’t need a kettle as the tap is as hot as a kettle – how cool is that! If you could invent a cool gadget to go in my kitchen, what would it be? Leave a comment below if you have an idea!

I am missing all your faces! 

Look after yourselves and your families! 

Mrs Patel x 

  • Jodie 1 month ago
    Oooh how exciting Mrs Patel! I cannot wait to come over and have a cup of tea made with water from your shiny new tap...and lots of biscuits too!
  • Miss Green 1 month ago
    That's a cool gadget! In my kitchen, I think I'd like a dishwasher - and a robot to load it for me. Do you get one of those put in?
  • aMaYA 3 weeks ago
    I would invent a mini ME! So every time you go to cook you will see me and think I must make a wonderful dish just like this wonderful girl! >:D

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