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Trying my hand at baking! 

Hi Year 6! 

Can't wait for some of you to start replying to these posts - feel like I am talking to myself a bit at the moment - lols. 

So, for the last few days I have been trying to do some baking! I think anyone that knows me would say that this isn't a talent of mine - but I have been giving it a go! So far, I baked some peanut butter and banana flapjacks, which I have to admit, weren't fantastic. Everyone else liked them but it wasn't sweet enough for me and tasted way too much like banana! Yesterday, I baked a vanilla sponge cake for Mr Patel's birthday. I need to decorate it still. I have bought some orange roll out icing and some M&M's to go on top. Let's see how this tastes! 

Have any of you been trying something new that you didn't try or do as much before the lockdown? Let me know! :) 

  • Tilly 1 month ago
    I have been trying baking too, I am actually trying to make some macaroons (or macarons) now!!
  • April 1 month ago
    I have been making hummus and it actually taste nice!
  • Sophia 3 weeks ago
    Hi, I’m going to bake a cake but it’s from cake mix from the shop🤫🤫🤫! I can’t really bake much though because my oven burns things but doesn’t bake anything😢!
  • Sophia 3 weeks ago
    I made my (chocolate) cake it tasted cakey but not chocolatey so with a lot of icing and teeth breaking decorations it tasted alright😱😰!!!
  • aMaYA 3 weeks ago
    Haha Sophia my grill is like that nothing ever cooks but somehow after 2 minutes burns! Lol xD :))
  • Ms Prevett 3 weeks ago
    I am loving these baking stories!!! Mrs Patel - why have I not been treated to a slice of your cakes in the past?! They almost look too good to be true based on the picture! Mouth-wateringly delicious in fact! Maybe one day I can try the real thing!
  • aMaYA 2 weeks ago
    Well, Miss Prevet you could hire me then I could get a flying robot to deliver it to your house wouldn't that be sweet! Sweet get it like cakes sweet haha!
  • Sophia 1 week ago
    aMaYA ur so funny 😳😬! But I could use some of that cake, mine r weird so we haven’t been eating them that much😱😱🤮🤮🧁! See u all soon hopefully in a week🥳🥳🤩!
  • Mrs Patel ago
    Wow Tilly and April! Both sound super yummy!! I am glad you are both enjoying cooking!
  • aMaYA ago
    I made a 2 ingredient cake with no oven! I got some Oreos and added milk (not to much). Then I mashed it all together and put it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds and tada a beautiful cake! Im a magnificent cook! You can hire me :))

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