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Entertainment through isolation!

Recommend a book! 

Hi Year 6!

I hope you are all okay and are keeping yourself entertained (as well as working your brains with your learning too!). 

I have been reading a lot since we have had to stay at home - I am reading a book right now that Ms Prevett recommended to me - it is a crime novel and I am super gripped by it! Have any of you been reading a lot? If so, what books have you read that other people might like? Perhaps we could start recommending books to each other like a book club! 

I would really like to hear what else you have all been doing to keep yourselves busy??? 

Missing you all and your craziness! 

Mrs Patel x 

  • Tilly 1 month ago
    I have been doing lots of life drawings of Cleo, which is quite a challenge as she is so squirmy!! I have also been trying to master chess which is actually a lot of fun! I really miss school and I have been reading lots of books I recommend ‘the 1000 year old boy’ it’s really fun. I am just about to go out and clap actually
  • Tilly 2 weeks ago
    I have won all the games against Cleo in chess but my dad is a challenge I either lose or draw.. Tilly
  • Mrs Patel ago
    I am missing school too Tilly! I am glad I am not the only one! Chess is quite challenging! How is it going? Have you won any games yet? I have wanted to learn how to play for years - my brother has a super fancy glass chess set! Remember to clap tonight too!
  • Sophia ago
    I have been doing a lot of different work but I get bored afterwards! I have got a a new book (The Creakers) I have read it before but I liked it a lot. I have been making gyoza and hirata dumplings they were so delicious and easy to make! I’m missing school and everyone to. Hope to see u all soon!
  • aMaYA ago
    Hoi, I have been learning chess too! Ive also been reading Anthony Horowitz series of books called the power of five (there are 5 books) im only on book 2 but the books are really good I recommend these book Very mUch. ThEY aRe VErY GoOd! :)))

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