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Experimental Cooking!

Getting creative in the kitchen! 

Hi Year 6!

I hope you are all well and keeping safe! 

This week I have been trying to find new recipes to cook! Yesterday, I found a recipe for a lasagne made with tortilla wraps instead of lasagne  sheets so Mr Patel and I decided to try and make it - but in our own way! Instead of using mince like you usually would in a lasagne, we used chicken mixed with lots of veg! It was super yummy and I had some for lunch today because I liked it so much! We thought it was much tastier with tortilla wraps instead of lasagne sheets! 

What yummy things have you all been having for dinner?? 

Mrs Patel x 

  • aMaYA ago
    hEllO Mrs Patel :))). Thhat sounds very nom nom yummy (except for the lots of veggies) I made tuna sndwitches the other day and went to the park to walk my aunties dog(Nellie) with her. Then I realised there were veggies inside!! So I fed them to the dog but got caught haha! :))))))
  • Sophia 2 weeks ago
    I’ve made Hirata and Gyoza dumplings 🥟 they were surprisingly easy and delicious 🤤! Yuuuuummmmmmm!
  • aMaYA 2 weeks ago
    What is a Hirata and Gyoza? Sounds interesting :))

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