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Another day in Isolation!

The daily life of Mrs Patel...

Hi Year 6! 

It is nice to see so many of you replying to the blogs! I feel like I am not talking to myself anymore - lols. 

This morning we had a staff meeting over video chat - it was so lovely to see lots of the staff members after not seeing them for so long! Have you been video chatting with any of your friends? 

I went for a super long walk today - my legs are now feeling very tired! I then sat in the car whilst Mr Patel washed it! Have any of you been carrying out any chores at home?

Missing you all. 

Mrs Patel

  • aMaYA 3 weeks ago
    HeLlO I have called many of my friends (Sophia, Tilly, Kamarah, Flora and Alexandra. Ive also done chores -_-. I had to CLEAN my room and now im depressed :( and I also had to hover. Fun fact: I tried to break to hover by sucking up a pencil so we could get a Dyson but I got caught and got in A LOT of trouble. In case u wanted to know we didn't get the Dyson stuck with my old mate Henry.
  • Tilly 2 weeks ago
    Hi Amaya and Mrs Patel, I have a dyson so Cleo loves it a lot and I rarely use it. Who knew a nine year old loves doing the hoovering!!? I have tidied both mine and Cleo's room as Cleo was 'to busy watching old episodes of Fresh Prince' (which is my favourite series on Netflix) I have also been (trying) to help Cleo in maths but she always pushes my arm away when I point something out!! I really really want to go back to school and I really miss all my friends especially you Amaya with your funny jokes!! Tilly
  • Sophia 2 weeks ago
    Hi, today (20th) is National teachers appreciation day😁 I just want to say thank you to Mrs Patel and Kelly because you have helped our class become closer! Im also missing everyone and maybe even their noise🙉😱🤣! See you all soon🤞!
  • Ms Prevett 2 weeks ago
    Sophia - that is such a lovely comment to add! Thank you for your appreciation. I am with Kelly now in school - she says hello and also that she misses you all too!
  • aMaYA 2 weeks ago
    Thanks Tilly! Also happy National teachers appreciation day! Thanks teachers!

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