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What does a seed need?

Can a seed grow if it doesn't have everything it needs?

Have you had a look at today's Home Learning Pack?

One of the activities is to try to grow a seed inside a plastic bag. I decided to try this at my house and thought it might be interesting to change the activity slightly so that we could make some comparisons.

I found three lentils in my cupboard and have put them into three different bags:

  1. This seed has water and will go on my window sill
  2. This seed has water and will go inside a dark cupboard
  3. This seed has no water and will go on my window sill

Do you think all of the seeds will grow? Which one do you think will grow fastest? 

Please leave your predictions in the comments section below. Try to give me a reason 'why' to back up your answer. I'll post again next Thursday so that we can see if anyone made the correct prediction!

  • Lola olufowobi 5 months ago
    Hello Lola thinks number 2 will grow. Lola has also potted a few seeds to see if they will grow.
  • Mrs Meaker 5 months ago
    Hi Lola, It is lovely to hear from you. That sounds like a good prediction - why do you think it will be number 2 and not the others?
  • Mr Hernandez 1 day ago
    Yay, science! What a clever comparative investigation Mrs Meaker! Your class will be ready for Year 4 soon. :) I can't wait to see what happens. I wonder if Lola is right?

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