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Birthday in Lockdown...

How do you celebrate without your friends?

Today (Tuesday), is Ed's 10th birthday. I know that some of you have already celebrated your birthday during Lockdown and I wondered what you had done to make your day special?

  • Did you have a cake? (The picture above is a chocolate orange cake I made for Ed).
  • Did you celebrate with friends and family via Zoom or FaceTime?
  • Did you have a party with the people in your house?

Please use the comments section below to give me some ideas for how I can make Ed's day special.

Sending Happy Birthday wishes to everyone who's had their birthday since we were last together.

Lots of love

Mrs Meaker

  • Rimona 2 weeks ago
    Hi Mrs Meaker , Wow love your cake must be tasty 😋 Hope ed had a wonderful birthday it's mine and my mum's birthday on the 18th . Rimona x
  • Miss Donald ago
    Wow Mrs Meaker! What a brilliant cake! A huge Happy Birthday to Ed from me! What an interesting time for a birthday. Perhaps you could have a fun Kahoot type quiz with him and his friends online?
  • Isabella Morrant ago
    Happy birthday Ed, hope you enjoyed your day. I will suggest chocolates and having fun with your family makes everything better. 😉
  • Mrs Meaker ago
    Thanks so much to you both - these are great suggestions - Ed liked all of them!! Thank you for your birthday greetings, it made Ed very happy to know that you were thinking of him x

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