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T-Shirt Designs...

What T-Shirt design would you produce for The NHS/Key Workers?

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and looking after yourselves and your families! I have been working from home and looking after my little boy – cooking, playing with monster trucks and getting to the park when we can. One of things we have really enjoyed being part of is the weekly applause on Thursday night at 8pm for NHS and key workers who are all doing amazing jobs at this time. Xander gets very excited about banging pots and pans and yelling out of the window, ‘I love The NHS - doctors and nurses are superheroes!’ He is very loud but the neighbours don’t mind and he is really happy if he gets a wave or shout back!

I have bought myself a T-Shirt to wear to help raise money for The NHS and look forward to wearing it. It has made me think about what design I might put on a T-Shirt to show my support and I was wondering if you might have any ideas to help me? What would you put on a T-Shirt to show you care?

Let me know your ideas! 

Miss Prevett

  • Ms Oladejo 1 month ago
    Great blog post, Ms Prevett! I've got my thinking cap on!
  • Rimona 1 month ago
    I did a heart saying stay at home and a rainbow 🌈 nhs bubble writing ✍️
  • Ms Prevett 1 month ago
    Thank you, Ms Oladejo! Rimona, that sounds lovely! A really good message to get across. I hope you are well and still smiling that beautiful smile :) Take good care and hope to see you soon x
  • Isabella Morrant 1 month ago
    Lovely,Ms Prevertt, I will paint a flower and and a heart with the words thank you between.😁😁😁
  • Ms Prevett 1 month ago
    Hello Isabella! I hope you are well - I miss your happy smile! That design sounds perfect and I hope you enjoy painting it! Hope to see you again soon x

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