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Super Powers

Hanging out with The Hulk!

Hello everyone! I hope you are ok and keeping safe.

This weekend I have been hanging out with Hulk and learning how to do the ‘hulk smash.’ I am not sure I am very good at it but it was fun trying! I know when I was at Primary School I used to like pretending to be Wonder Woman with my friends and we would use shiny Kit Kat wrappers to make our super power wrist bands! 

If I could have a super power a day it would be to fly! I think it would be amazing to soar above London and fly across the world looking at everything below. I imagine it would look like a miniature Legoland.

If you could have a superpower for a day, what would it be and why? Let me know in the comments below 😀 

  • Rimona 5 months ago
    Hi Ms Prevett If I had a superpower it would be to turn invisible, because I could just walk around and no one would notice me and I could trick people and scare them🤣🤣
  • Ms Prevett 5 months ago
    Hi Tilly - that is a great one... why didn't I think about that! I have often wanted red shoes like Dorothy's in The Wizard of Oz soI can just click my heels and be somewhere fast. Ms Prevett x Hi Rimona - I thought about that superpower too! So many choices! Wouldn't it be funny to play tricks on people - imagine if you suddenly became visible again though :) Big trouble! Ms Prevett x
  • Tilly 1 month ago
    If I could have any superpower for the day I would totally be to Teleport, I’d go everywhere without the hassle of queuing or walking 😂
  • Layton 1 month ago
    I want lazer eys because I can bern stuf how is zarnder gowing have a nise day
  • Joshua 1 month ago
    I'd like to have speed like flash but faster so I could beat him in a race as well as speeding around and creating havoc!
  • Ms Prevett 1 day ago
    Haha - Joshua, creating havoc sounds like lots of fun! Would you choose some allies in your mission?! Hello Layton! Laser eyes sound cool... I wonder what colour they would be? Xander says a big hello! He is doing well and playing with... you guessed it - his monster trucks! We will take them to the park this afternoon! I have one for myself now so will bring it to school to show you 😀 Xander cannot wait - he says he wants to come to our school ‘forever!’ 😂

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