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The first song I owned!

Making Your Mind Up!

Hi all!

I am having a good chuckle at the photograph above!  Look at the hairstyles :)  It is of a pop group called Bucks Fizz who were around in the 1980s.  They won the Eurovision song contest singing a song called 'Making your Mind Up'.  It was the first song I ever bought and was on something called a record.  If you don't know what a record is then ask a grown up or see if you can find out!  I loved dancing and singing to this song - all songs in fact!  I thought I was really cool!

I liked pop music so much that I made up a pop group with my best friends and we were called 'The Girls with the Feet that have Got the Beat' - haha! We had lots of fun but never made the pop charts, sadly.  Probably just as well as I am not a very good singer to be honest :)

What is your favourite song and what do you think of the hairstyles and outfits above?  Do you have a favourite singer/band?  Have you ever made up dances or songs yourself?  Let me know in the comments below!

Have fun thinking and take care!

  • Tilly 5 months ago
    I love Daft Punk so much. I especially love ‘one More Time’. I try do dance to it as it has lots of beats in it but I can’t! Tilly
  • Louise 5 months ago
    Hi Tilly! You have fabulous taste in music! I also love Daft Punk - that song in particular. I hope you are doing well - we miss you heaps! Ms Prevett x

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