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Beautiful, Giant Bubbles ❤️

What do you think of bubbles? 

Hello everyone!

I have always loved bubbles! Big, giant bubbles, teeny marble-sized bubbles, streams of glorious bubbles! There is something very captivating about them...the rainbow colours glistening on their perfect circle and the way they float into the air or pop suddenly - miniature drops sparkling brightly.

As a child and an adult, I have always found them quite magical! I took the photograph above on a trip to Barcelona and watched the huge bubbles for ages. I found it relaxing and imagined floating away in one myself to a land of fairies, rainbows and ponies!

What do you really love watching when out and about? Do you like bubbles as much as me? Do you find them exciting or relaxing? Maybe you don’t like bubbles much - what do you prefer?

I am off to blow bubbles in the park and hope to hear about your thoughts later!

Have a good day.

Ms Prevett x

  • Ava y3 2 months ago
    Hi Ms Prevett, as you know I love dogs, so whenever i'm board I just think about them. Ava.
  • Ms Prevett 1 month ago
    Ava - right now I am thinking about cupcakes! With a lovely cup of tea! I have always liked glitter too despite the mess it makes!
  • Rimona ago
    Hi Miss Prevett! When i go out i normally use transport so i like to look out the windows espeically when im in a double decker bus,at the top because i look at the nice view and when im at the top i like to look down and see people walking in and out of the bus. I love bubbles, dont really see much, i normally buy bubbles at Eritrean festivals , but as i got older i didnt really buy any. I do enjoy rare things like rainbows , foxes and squirells. Did you buy bubbles as a kid ? Rimona x 💝
  • Ms Prevett ago
    Hi Rimona! I hope you enjoyed the weekend! I did buy bubbles with any pocket money I might be given. Nowadays I buy lots of bubbles for my son as he loves them as much as I do! They are even better nowadays because there are often machines you can buy in supermarkets etc which blow out hundreds! Rainbows 🌈 are so pretty - do you know how they are created? They make me smile when I see one! Keep an eye out for my favourite animal in a blog coming soon!!! Big smiles, Ms Prevett x

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