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I love ❤️ Albert!

Do you have a favourite animal?

Hello everyone 😀

Some of you already know I love horses 🐴 This is a photograph of me and Albert who I just love! He is the sweetest horse and so affectionate - he loves a big hug 🤗 I love riding - it is such a lot of fun and I love being in the countryside (which is where I grew up). I have also been horse riding on a beach and used to do lots of horse jumping when I was young. I spent so much time at the stables growing up that my mum once asked (jokingly) if I would ask to live there! I probably would have said yes if it was allowed 😂

Do you have a favourite animal, and, if so, why do you like them? 

Looking forward to some animal tales!

  • Rimona 2 weeks ago
    I love koalas 🐨, pandas 🐼, sloths 🦥 and giraffes 🦒 because they are all so cute and I have pictures of them in my room. I’m really exited for the 18th of May because it is mine and my mums birthday 🎁! How is it staying at home ? Rimona x
  • Ms Prevett 2 weeks ago
    Hi Rimona! I love those animals too! I feel really lucky to have close enough to a real Koala to have my photograph taken with one. Wow - a double birthday treat! I hope you are planning to spoil one another. My mum's birthday is on the 21st so just three days after that. What shall I treat her to I wonder?! It is harder to work at home because I am doing all the things that a mum does too. I also really miss everybody at school! Writing the blogs is fun though and so exciting to get comments! Have a good day x
  • Tilly 1 week ago
    I absolutely love horses and dogs more than any other animal in the world. I love horse riding, I especially like riding on the road as the especially in the road and on bikes they look up and stare as if you are a queen or something. I like this Falabella at the riding stable its so cute but it's so tiny it's like a large dog! love dogs because they are so.. I guess they just understand you and sense feelings. I love whippets the most. Tilly

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