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Knock, Knock...

Who's there?!

Hi all,

I cannot lie, I quite like a cheesy joke!  Knock, knock ones amuse me a lot - the sillier the better!

This is one of my favourites;

Knock, knock

Who's there?


Wa who?

What are you so excited about?

Get it?!

What knock, knock jokes do you know?  Add your's below to share a laugh or two!

Ms Prevett x


  • Ava y3 2 months ago
    Hi Ms Prevett, I've got a good one for you. Knock,Knock! Who's there? Luck. Luck who? Luck through the keyhole and you will find out! I have another joke, but it isn't a knock knock one. I will tell it any way(it's made up.) Why did the thumb hurt ? Because it had a NAIL on it
  • Ms Prevett 1 month ago
    Ava - haha! That has given me a good giggle. I love your made up one! It is very clever. Well done you - making up a joke that works is a hard thing to do. I shall see if I can make up one of my own but I am not sure it will be as good as your one! Hmmmm... a challenge :)
  • Tilly 2 weeks ago
    Knock knock Who's there? Boo! Boo who? Ohh there's nothing to cry about its just a joke! Tilly
  • Rimona 2 weeks ago
    Hi Ms Prevett Ive got one really funny one 🤣🤣 Its goes like Knock Knock Who's there ? Interruping Cow Interuppting cow wh- MOOOOO 😂😂 do you get it? Rimona x
  • Ms Prevett 2 weeks ago
    Hi Tilly! That is a classic knock, knock joke - love it! 😂 Thank you for making me smile! Rimona - I do get it! I love it! I am going to test it on one of my best friends later when we FaceTime! Cannot wait to interrupt her with my best cow 🐮 mooooooo!!! Hahaha 😆 Thanks for sharing!

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