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Who are you missing ?

Do you know the name of this city?

Hello everyone,

I am so excited to have my first ever blog page !

When I was growing up (which was a very long time ago) I never had computers or mobile phones and so if I wanted to communicate with my family or friends I had to write a letter and send by post or ask my parents permission to use the only telephone in the house which was a land line.

In Lockdown though, I am so happy that we have so many amazing ways to communicate , including being able to send photos, pictures and use other types of technology  to see and talk to  each other .

Can you guess which city and country this picture was taken in?

My son sent me this picture at the weekend, he lives in another country and it was so lovely to receive as I am missing him so much  and it  made me feel happy.
We are all missing our families and friends at this time  and receiving  pictures, photos really can really help us to feel better.

Have you received  any pictures from  your family or friends , how did they make you feel? I hope they made you feel happy too.

Please continue to try your best to be good and keep happy, healthy and positive.

Missing you all and hope to see you soon.

Ms Batchelor 



  • Martha Aldridge 5 months ago
    Hi ms batchelor, I miss my friend Dash who lives in LA because I was going to visit him but I can't due to covid 19 and also my friend Robi -jo who is currently in Bristol and we hpy club togethave a ser. I even heard about a gluten- free cake! From Ava.
  • Tilly 4 months ago
    I am missing everyone at school and at Guides. I stay in contact with everyone I can, even my family in New Zealand which I had never met before. I have some cousins I’d never heard about, it’s a bit strange that in this time, we are getting together even more. 😻 Tilly🐾
  • Rimona 2 weeks ago
    Hi Ms Batchelor, I think the city is Copenhagen if not somewhere in Germany 🇩🇪 . I misss a lot of my family and friends😔. But I’m still staying in touch with my friends from school and outside. My cousins from America and Canada were meant to come for my uncles wedding and it was my birthday 2 days after so they could of came (I wish 😭). But because this horrible virus (which I wish somehow that they find a cure for it ). My auntie and Godmother both work for the NHS and we are hoping that everything is going to be gone soon. Rimona x
  • Sophia y6 ago
    Hi Ms Batchelor, I’m missing my family to. My sisters live in Essex, my mums side in Rugby (up north), and I even have some family in Brazil🇧🇷! I’m missing all my family but we’re staying in touch and i miss everyone at school.
  • Ms Batchelor ago
    Hi Sophia, So lovely to hear from you, I am pleased to hear you are staying in touch with your family. I too am speaking to my family and my grandchildren most days and trying to encourage them to do their home learning. Oh , you have family in Brazil how wonderful, where about do they live? , I have been to Brazil it is just the most amazing country. I hope that you will be able to go and visit them in the future. Please take care and I will speak to you very soon. Missing you all

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