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What's your favourite cake?

Crazy Golf and Carrot Cake   -  What have you been doing?

Well hello from Miss Green on this sunny Friday,

Do you like carrots?  I know some of you love, love, love them! (You know who I'm talking about!)

Well - we had so many carrots, we decided to make a carrot cake for my birthday. 

Yummy, scrummy in my tummy!

What's your favourite type  of cake?   Let me know in the comments below.

I have also been playing crazy golf in the kitchen while my friends were on the phone  I used my hoover to tap the ball and my friend used a pair of socks for his ball and a broom for his golf club.  Could you build a crazy golf course at home?    What would you use for your golf club and ball?

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend, 

Miss Green 

  • Miss Green 5 months ago
    Hi Aizah, So good to hear from you! I hope you are keeping busy at home and enjoying some time with your family. Thank you for your birthday wishes. I wonder what Nana puts in her home made cakes? Is it a secret recipe? I think we should make some cakes when we are back at school. We can have a big birthday party to catch up on all the birthdays we have missed while we've been away. What flavour cakes shall we make? Banana, lemon, carrot, chocolate or something crazy like courgette or cabbage?
  • Aizah 1 month ago
    My favourite cake is Nana's home made cakes - yum 😋 Hope you had a good birthday and a good party at home. Aizah
  • Ms Prevett ago
    Ms Green, that cake looks delicious! My favourite cake is Hummingbird bakery cake - a vanilla one with pink frosting and sprinkles! That is what I had for my birthday. I also love rainbow layer cake. When I was little I used to love Angel Cake. Strangely, I love chocolate but not chocolate cake! I don’t want to try your cabbage cake either thank you - it sounds weird! Maybe you could make me some delicious carrot cake one day and I will pretend to be Mary Berry and give you my verdict :)

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