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Fridge Phonics Challenge!

How many words can you make?  Let me know your words in the comments below... good luck!

Hello Year 1,

I've been busy thinking how I can teach from home, and I have invented the fridge white-board.  Do you think we should have one in our classroom?  I think its a great idea because we could have a snack or a cold drink in the middle of a lesson. 

Right - can you take on the the Fridge Phonics Challenge?

How many words can you make using the digraphs and phonemes on my fridge?  If you want to make your own - you will just need some post-it notes or paper and blue tack.

Let me know the words you can make by typing them into the comments below! 

Looking forward to seeing who can make the longest word!

  • Mrs Patel ago
    I think it is a great idea to have a fridge in the classroom Miss Green! That would be super handy for when we get hungry and thirsty and need a bit of brain power! I can make the word 'say'. I wonder what other great words the children of Year 1 can make? Mrs Patel

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