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What kind of power would you give your superhero?

Which is your favourite superhero?

My favourite superhero is the nurse type. 

Nurses have to zoom around quickly making sure everyone has what they need.  They also have an extra sunny smiling power which means they are always smiling and spreading happiness around to people who don't feel very well. 

Or maybe the plumber superhero who can fix toilets and leaks with their magic extra-strong hands!

My superhero would be the Time-stopper hero, who saves people by stopping bad things from happening using time tricks.

Did you write about superheroes in your work pack?  Tell about your ideas below.

  • Miss Green 1 month ago
    Wow! Motolani, I really want to read your poem. It sounds so frightening! I can't wait to read it! If you want to send it to me to read, you can email it to the admin address!
  • Motolani 2 weeks ago
    Hello mrs Green miss u , I wrote a poem about a dragon It was a dragon that breath fire With a carpet on her back The Dragon was carrying a wagon

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