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Making Dumplings.

Have you cooked at home?

Hi boys and girls!

How have you been? It's been a while since we've last seen each other! 

I have been learning how to cook and for our last Saturday night dinner party I made dumplings. My mum is a great cook and makes the best dumplings. So, I called my mum in Australia via video call and she told me what ingredients to buy and how to make it.

What have you been cooking with your loved ones? Who have you had video calls with? 

Miss Cheng 

  • Miss Green 5 months ago
    Perhaps I will post on my blog about my dumplings too! Or - maybe I should practice some more and then we can have a dumpling contest when we get back! I wonder what Year 2 have been making?
  • Miss Green 1 month ago
    Oh Miss Cheng, Your dumplings look amazing! What did you put in them? I tried to make some with carrot and cabbage filling, but they definitely weren't as pretty as yours! Miss Green
  • Miss Cheng 1 month ago
    Thanks Miss Green! I used pork mince and some asian vegetables which were a little bit hard to find. I wouldn't suggest using it! I would say stick to cabbage. I'd like to see some of your dumplings! We should exchange our dumpling recipes!
  • Miss Cheng ago
    Yes please do Miss Green! I would love to see your homemade dumplings! We could definitely have a dumpling competition when we come back to school. Can't wait!

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