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Memories from the past!

Photo memories!

My friends in Australia have been sending our group chat old photos of ourselves. It’s been really fun looking at the photos and sharing these memories again. This is a photo of my friend Ching Nee from 15 years ago when we were just starting university. What do you notice about the quality of this photo? Do the photos you take now look as blurry as this one?

Find some old photos of yourself and share those memories with your loved ones.

Tell me about your favourite photo or funniest photo!

Miss Cheng

  • Amani 1 month ago
    my photo is very funny ]] my photo is funny because it looked like my eyes popped out my face and my cheeks were chubby
  • Miss Cheng ago
    How very cute Amani! How old were you in photo? You'll need to bring the photo in to show me!

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