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The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse

What have you been reading?

Hello hello Year 2s! 

Last week I ordered some new books to add to my home library and my order from Waterstones arrived yesterday. The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse is a beautiful story that follows the adventures and conversations that these four characters have on their journey home. I really enjoyed reading the story because it made me think about all the important things in life- friendship, kindness, generosity, beauty and self care. What have you been reading? Tell me about the interesting stories and books that you have been reading. 

Miss Cheng


  • Anna Hill 1 month ago
    We have this book and love it! Lucy wanted to tell you that she has been reading 'Scruffs' with her Mum and 'Narnia' with Dad. She thinks Scruff the dog is going to get kidnapped and she likes the book a lot. She misses you and school very much. Anna (and Lucy)
  • Layton 1 month ago
    hi miss cheng I have been reading the same book a lot it is the boy ,the mole,the fox and the horse I miss you so much I can't wait to see you back at school.
  • solly 1 month ago
    hello miss cheng today i'v been reading the three little pigs it was funny
  • Miss Cheng ago
    Hi Anna, Layton and Solly! Anna- So lovely to hear that your family has loved the book as much as I did! Oh, I haven't heard of the Scruffs book before, Lucy will need to fill me in when I next see her if Scruff gets kidnapped of not! Sounds like a very exciting read. It's so wonderful to hear that your family has been indulging in so many adventure stories. I miss Lucy very much too and can't wait till we meet again! Layton- I'm also very glad to hear that you loved reading the same story as me! What other books have you been reading? Have you just been reading stories or have you been reading non fiction books too? I too have missed you very much and can't wait till we can all come back together as a class. It has been so strange not seeing everyone together for such a long time. Solly- Oh Solly, what a classic! Which version of the three little pigs did you read that was funny? I recommend 'The true story of the three little pigs' by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith. It gives you a different perspective on the much loved traditional tale. Have you also been reading some non fiction books too? Do you have any favourite non fiction books that you have read so far during this time?

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