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What would a perfect day look like for you?

What new things have you tried recently?

Hi Year 2s!

I have been trying many new things lately and one of them is painting. I ordered some paint, brushes and special paper a few weeks ago. I hadn't tried using this type of paint before so it was a bit tricky at first. After many days of painting different things, I started to really enjoy the process. Now that I am painting more, I think my perfect day would be to spend all day painting. Have you tried anything new recently? What would your perfect day look like?  

Miss Cheng

  • Ms Prevett ago
    I think you have a real talent, Ms Cheng! This is a lovely painting 👍🏼 My perfect day would be to have a big picnic in the park or on the beach 🏖 with all my friends and family - eating delicious food, playing lots of games and enjoying ice-cold drinks 😊 It would also need to involve some reading because I love 💗 books 📚
  • Miss Cheng ago
    Oh Miss Prevett, thank you for that lovely comment. I too love picnics in the park or beach too. Especially now when the flowers are in full bloom, it seems like the perfect time to picnic under a tree with the people in your household. Sounds like bliss to be able to share all those wonderful activities with your friends and family!

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