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Where is your favourite place?

Where in your house do you like to spend most of your time? 

Hola boys and girls! 

During this lock down we have discovered a new favourite place in our house. Our favourite place in our house are the front steps because we can sit there and enjoy the sun while we read, eat or drink! What new place have you discovered in your home? Have you built a tent inside your room or found a secret nook that you like to spend most of your time in? Tell me about your favourite place in your home and why.

Miss Cheng


  • Lucy Hill 3 weeks ago
    Dear Miss Cheng, My new favourite place is a tent that I have made in the corner of our living room! I watch my favourite Netflix show in there. Miss you! Love from, Lucy
  • Rayyan Rahman 3 weeks ago
    Hi Miss Cheng, hi everyone, My new favourite space is my back balcony as I can relax, sitting under the sun with my tablet, playing my new favourite game (Golf Battle). 🌞

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