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Random Acts of Kindness

What random acts of kindness have you done?

Hello again boys and girls! 

Yesterday, we can came home to a large box of fresh fruit and vegetables on our doorstep. We think the company may have delivered it to the wrong house but the letter was very strange. We searched their website on the Internet and discovered that they are a new company that has just started to put together deliveries for people living in our area who can't go to the shops to buy their groceries. We have emailed the company and fingers crossed we get a reply!

So many people have taken action and done wonderful things during this strange situation that we are in. What act of kindness have you done recently? It can even be something very small like being nicer to your siblings or bigger acts of kindness such as helping your parents with cleaning the dishes! Tell me about your random acts of kindness. 

Miss Cheng

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