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How have you challenged yourself?

Hello Year 3, I hope that you are all well and looking after yourselves! It seems like ages ago that we were all together! I spoke to Diane the other day and she told me that she misses you all and cannot wait until we are all back in class together.

This week I received a Rubix cube in the mail. This is a difficult puzzle in which you you have to get all the sides to have the same colour after mixing it up. I heard a lot about this puzzle and know how hard it can be. With a lot of effort, I was able to make one side red. After a while, I was able to get two rows of the cube in matching colours. It was at this point where I started making silly mistakes and I did not make much progress with the puzzle as the colours got more mixed up. I decided to stop and ask for help. There is never a time when you should feel like you cannot ask for help. One of my oldest friends from Preston knows how to complete a Rubix cube, so I phoned him for some advice. He helped me straight away and before long I had the puzzle solved. The feeling of completing the puzzle for the first time was incredible. This got me thinking…

What challenges have Year 3 gone through? Were they able to overcome these challenges? Did they need help?

In class we overcome many challenges every day such as, learning tricky maths or playing an instrument. In the comments below tell me a challenge that you have overcome. Remember that you should never be afraid to ask for help and just like my puzzle, asking for help was the best way for me to solve the challenge.

  • Martha Aldridge 5 months ago
    Hello Mr Briggs, i've also been doing a rubik's cube I have only been able to do 3 sides on it though. Iam going to make up more challenges for myself. From Ava
  • Mr Briggs 2 months ago
    Hello Ava, they are very tricky! Don't give up though! The more you pratise, the better you will get!
  • Miss Green 1 month ago
    Wow! You've inspired me to have another go at the Rubix Cube! Well done! I've been trying to learn the piano. It's so hard! But with a little bit of playing every day I am getting better. Did you see Miss Donald has been learning to knit socks!

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