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My daily exercise

Hello Year 3,


I had my first day back in school yesterday and it was lovely to see people from school for the first time in a while.

Although the weather was not great today, it did not stop Susan and I going for our daily walk to Tower Bridge as we live so close to it. (The picture above is from a little while ago when we had nice weather). It is important to make sure that we all keep doing some form of exercise and eat healthy food. Susan and I have also recently bought quite a few fitness items such as exercise bands, dumbbells and yoga mats as we want to make the most of the isolation to get in shape. Additionally, we have been eating lots of healthy foods and drinking tasty fruit smoothies.

I hope that you are all taking care of yourselves and are trying to do some form of exercise each day. Let me know below what exercises you have been doing to keep yourself fit and healthy.

  • Grace olufowobi 5 months ago
    Hello Mr Briggs, Really nice to hear from you and can not wait to be back in school with you and all my class. I have been keeping myself busy with the work from you and enjoying some outside time. I have been learning new things like sewing and making things out of the recycling. Hope you see you soon.
  • Martha Aldridge 5 months ago
    Hello Mr Briggs, I've kept busy by: playing football, badminton and frisbee, board games over skype with my family, working, going on the tramoline,painting my den, growing seeds,cooking(e.g.Tanzanian banana curry),cycling in the road,craft,quizzes,and visiting Indie and Robert from a distance. I miss my friends, you and Diane, but I have plenty of toys and activities to keep me going. Hopefuly I will see you soon. From Ava.
  • Mr Briggs 2 months ago
    Hi Gracie! I am glad to hear that you have been keeping yourself busy with the work that I set. Sewing is a fantastic skill to learn! Thank you for taking the time to respond! Take care! Mr Briggs

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