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Fun facts.

Fun Facts

Hello again Year 3!

I hope you are all well!

I had a lovely time last week when I was back in school. It made me really miss everyone being in school. Hopefully, it will not be much longer until we are back in school.

I Skyped Susan’s parents the other day. It always seems so strange that we in England are just getting started with our day and in Australia their day is almost finished! We talked to them for three hours and played a quiz about random knowledge and fun facts! For example, did you know that a snail can sleep for three years! Also, a Koala’s fingerprint is almost the exact same as a human’s!

In the comments down below can you tell me your most interesting random knowledge or fun fact. Let’s see who has the most interesting fact from the class.

Take care of yourselves and families! I am looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Mr Briggs

  • Martha Aldridge 5 months ago
    Hi again Mr Briggs, Did you know that goldfish can servive out of water for up to 1 min, but the longer you keep them out the drowsier they get. From Ava.
  • Mr Briggs 2 months ago
    Hi Teniola, Thank you for writing that poem! I am looking forward to hearing you perform it! Hello Ava/Martha, that is a very interesting fact! I will share that one with my parents this weekend!
  • Mr Briggs 3 weeks ago
    That's a really interesting fact Mr Hernandez! Thank you for sharing that! Hello Micah! That's a great fact! I will definitely remember that one! I love the fact that you tested it as well! Well done Micah!
  • Teniola 2 weeks ago
    Hi Mr Briggs this is my poem that I wrote The fierce yellow lion I dearly love His name is Bryan The one above Here comes a tiger Orange and black Over the hills with no one beside her We’re a train runs in the track Sneaky spotted Jaguar Running around Following a star Gravity keeping him on the ground Speedy focused cheetah Blazing through the land Running in Korea Were there lots of sand Love from Dr Teniola
  • Mr Hernandez 22 hours ago
    Hi Mr Briggs! Did you know that a caterpillar's mostly turns into liquid in the chrysalis before it becomes a butterfly?
  • Micah ago
    Hi Mr Briggs, Did you know that the Number four is the only one with the same amount of letters? We had lots of fun testing many different numbers.

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