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Artwork and VE day.

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Hello Year 3!

I hope that you are looking after yourself and are enjoying the lovely weather that we are having. Thank you for trying hard with all the work that I have set you. Additionally, I would like to say a huge thank you to your parents/carers who have been supporting you through this time.

I am sure that you are missing your families and friends. I miss mine as well.

I recently found some Australian coins that I brought back from my visit at Christmas. I decided that I wanted to make a piece of artwork using the Australian coins. First, I had to clean them as hundreds of hands must have touched them over the years. Then I will draw the country Australia, colour it in and stick the coins on each of the states. Stay tuned to see my completed artwork.

Have you been creative during this time away from school?

Friday was VE day. On this day we celebrate the victory and ending of World War 2. Please spend this time with your family, cooking, playing games and enjoying time together.

As a final thought, here is a link to an inspirational war time song by Vera Lynn:

“We’ll Meet Again”

Mr Briggs

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