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Greetings from One Tree Hill! :) 

This week I moved to Auckland. New Zealand's largest and most populated city (The city where Diane T is from). 

So far I have walked up two volcanoes. Mt Eden, which has a massive crater and today, this volcano featured above, One Tree Hill.

Can you remember when we learnt about volcanoes?

What type of volcano do you think this one is? I'll give you some hints:


-Composite Volcano- A steep, cone shaped volcano from layers and layers of ash and lava hardening overtime.

-Shield Volcano- Shield shaped due to lava flowing far and fast out of them.

-Dome Volcano- much smaller than composite. Rock and ash pileup around the vent forming a circular/oval shape at the top.


Let's see who can guess it first!

Miss Donald x

(I'll try attach a photo of Mt Eden below too if it works)



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