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Art & Design & Technology at SJSP


We follow a holistic curriculum which nurtures creative thinking skills and helps ensure our pupils learn through art, as well as about art. We enable children to explore a wide variety of media in drawing, sketchbooks, sculpture, painting, printmaking, and design.

We promote open-ended, creative exploration with an emphasis on the journey rather than the outcome. We do not follow prescriptive outcomes, instead we introduce the key skills, materials and ideas in a way that each pupil can then explore their creativity. It is our aim that by the time every child leaves primary school they can feel as if they have found an area of the visual arts that is relevant and engaging to them.

Design & Technology

In D&T there are two strands of subject content: design and making, and cooking and nutrition. Our scheme of work ensures children design, make and evaluate products using the broad range of materials and components specified in the statutory requirements. These include construction materials, textiles, food, mechanical components and in KS2, electrical components.