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Easter Holiday Activities

Please find below different activities and projects to do over the Easter break.  

There is a lot to choose from to provide variety and we do not expect anybody to do them all! Perhaps choose one or two if you have time. They do not have to be finished by any particular date and you may already be doing other things - that is fine too! 

Each pack has an explanation with it but to give you a quick overview:

The letter/postcard writing provides a nice opportunity to keep in touch with people and show others that we care for them.  The butterfly activity provides a lovely way to get creative and the time capsule encourages thinking about capturing historic moments.  Finally, the activity bingo is a way to try different, short tasks and challenge yourselves.

Copies of the homework pack can be collected from the school office.  If you are unable to collect one in person but would like one then please contact the school office and we will arrange for a pack to be sent to you.

Wishing you a Happy Easter!

Take good care of one another and we continue to pray that we will see you all soon.