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Home Learning

Helping your child learn from home (updated 20th April)

First of all, thank you. If you are reading this, it means you have accessed our ‘Home Learning’ resources on the ‘Classroom’ pages of school website to support your child’s learning while school remains closed.

We have taken government, Islington and teaching unions' advice to provide learning resources that will keep children busy and enjoying learning, while providing flexibility for parents.

We fully appreciate that families may not have access to PCs, laptops and printers at home, and that even if you do, they are likely to be shared - so please, only plan to do what you can. Everyone’s homes are different so the activities we suggest are just a guide to help keep children engaged with, and enjoying, learning. We recognise that parents may be working, caring for family members or looking after little ones so choosing what activities to do, and when, is up to you. We do not expect you to be teachers and we are not going to be checking up to see how much work has been done! 

Electronic versions of weekly home learning packs for each class will continue to be available for parents/carers and children in the year group folders. We will continue to update home learning on a weekly basis and will let you know when new activities are available. Teachers will provide a timetable of how you might set out each day, but do tailor this to suit the needs of your child and family. Paper copies of the packs can also be collected from the school office and we will send you a weekly text alert when these are ready.

If you are having difficulty with using these resources, or would like some support, please email  or phone the school office on 020 7254 5598. You can also leave an answerphone message if calling outside of school hours. We will happily get back to you to try and help. 

You do not need to keep any records of the work to show us. We will not be asking children to bring in the work that they have done to school once this is over unless they want to.

If you would prefer to access learning resources online then we would recommended BBC Bitesize resources (launched on April 20th) which provide a wide range of free activities for all age ranges and include videos, games, podcasts and interactive activities. These resources have been recommended by the government.  You can register your child if you want to personalise their Bitesize account. The resource can be accessed using the following link;

Classroom secrets is also free to use and is perfect for Reception all the way up to Year 6.  It  has online maths and English, spelling, grammar and phonics video tutorials and enables interactive learning which your children can access independently.  You can also download and print follow on worksheets if you choose. These are fun and in line with our national curriculum.  You will need to sign up for free to access the online content (payment details are not necessary). You can access the resources here; 

Islington Primary School advisory team have also started to produce weekly work-packs for schools and families to use and you can access these via the link below;

There are weekly lessons for each key stage and a focus subject of the week.  The primary team will be constantly updating these resources and no log in details or passwords are required.

We hope these suggestions are helpful but are also aware that you will be facilitating learning experiences in many other different, and brilliant, ways! The most important thing is that learning should be fun and we look forward to hearing all about learning at home when we return to school.

Best wishes, 

The Senior Leadership Team


Updates: Monday 23rd March

Many resources are becoming available on line for home learning - so many it might be very difficult to know which are good without feeling slightly overwhelmed!  If you haven’t seen these already they might be worth a look: 

Free resources including a daily story and related craft activities.

Various lessons targeted at different age groups. 

For KS2 - these lessons will be updated daily and cover various objectives with visuals/live teaching.

Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’ will be aiming to get the nation’s children moving at 9am each day from Monday to Friday. A fun way to exercise and adults can join in too (optional of course!).