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Humanities at SJSP


Following on from EYFS, children in Key Stage 1 will continue to develop an awareness of the past beginning with things that are familiar to them, before exploring significant local, national, and global events. The children are encouraged to engage with topics such as Transport of the past or The Great Fire of London, using a wide vocabulary of everyday historical terms so that they can place their growing knowledge into different contexts, asking meaningful historical questions. At KS2, children will engage in topics such as Ancient Greece, Roman invasions, The Industrial Revolution and Ancient Egypt. We wish to inspire a sense of curiosity and excitement for the past, where children can place events into a chronological timeline, understand continuity and change, think about cause and effect and to begin to be able to understand evidence and different methods of historical analysis.


Our geography curriculum is knowledge-rich whilst teaching key skills. We focus on:

  • locational knowledge, for example, children learn to name and locate locations and positioning;
  • environmental, physical and human geography, for example, children learn out migration and climate change, and
  • geographical skills and fieldwork where children use maps and globes and collect first hand evidence.

We wish to help pupils develop a strong foundational knowledge which will enable them to participate, challenge and reshape the world around them.