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Our Staff

Our Staff for 2019/20




Senior Leadership Team 


Adeola Oladejo


Louise Prevett

Deputy Headteacher

Tracy Batchelor

Acting Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion



Office & Premises Staff


Kerry Johnson

Senior Admin Officer

Carol Parker

Admin Officer

Ray Brown

Premises Manager

Ian Folkerd






Natalie Meaker & Janet

Reception Staff

Juliette Green

Year 1 Staff

Kathy Cheng, Jodie, and Diane E

Year 2 Staff

Daniel Briggs & Diane B

Year 3 Staff

Hayley Donald and Diane T

Year 4 Staff

Barbara Schulz and Nurcan

Year 5 Staff

Priya Patel & Kelly

Year 6 Staff



Additional Staff


Katie Tweddle

Music Teacher – Wednesdays

Senorita Noelia Fernandez

Spanish Teacher – Fridays

Isobelle Cable

Peripatetic Music Teacher

Jason Longley

Peripatetic Music Teacher





Fire Marshalls
First Aiders

Ray Brown

Kelly Welch & Diane Brown (Level 3)

Adeola Oladejo

Nurcan Pertev, Diane Earl,


Jill Faulkner and Diane Tye


Pediatric First Aiders


Janet Owolabi & Jodie Glass



School Cleaners

Felicia & Ben



Safeguarding and Child Protection Designated Staff

Safeguarding Children is the responsibility of all.

If you have a concern or a worry, please bring it to the attention of one of the Designated Safeguarding Officers.

Designated Safeguarding Officers are:

Tracy Batchelor (Acting Assistant Headteacher), Adeola Oladejo (Headteacher)

Louise Prevett (Deputy Headteacher) & Amanda Holohan (Learning Mentor)