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Reading at SJSP


Phonics is taught daily in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. We follow the Letters and Sound programme which consist of 6 phases.

In Reception the children learn phases 2 – 3 (Phase 1 is normally taught in nursery/pre school)

In Year 1, children progress through phases 4 – 5 and in Year 2, phase 6.

See the link below for more information on The Letters and Sound programme.

Reading at Key Stage 1

We follow the Daily Supported Reading programme. Children in Year 1 and 2 in small groups read with an adult every day. We share two books per week and each child has an opportunity to read aloud and independently. At the end of each week, the children take part in engaging activities linked to the texts they read.

The impact of daily supported reading on learning is that children are excited to share texts and read aloud. We hear each child read every day. Children have access to quality texts at a level appropriate to them and quickly advance through the levels. Every child is empowered to read a whole book which boosts self-esteem and reading stamina. Adults work closely with each child in their group to enable ongoing assessment to ensure progress.

Reading at Key Stage 2

We deliver Destination Reader sessions each day. Each session consists of whole class modelling by the class teacher, from which the children apply learned skills to partner and independent work.

Destination Reader allows children to access high quality texts which key for engagement and enjoyment of reading. Using language stems and reading strategies, children are encouraged to practice high quality talk, developing language fluency further.