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SEND Resources

Dear Parents, carers and children,

I hope that you are all well and getting used to the changes.

I know that this week must have been a challenging one for you all , getting used not having your children being able to attend school.
All the staff and I  are doing our best to support you all by putting on the website lots of home learning resources and things that you can use at home to support learning and hopefully make it fun !

For children with Special Needs one of the most important things is to have a routine and structure to the day that is consistent,  so there is a visual timetable for you to use, as well as a range of useful resources .
Try not to stress about how much learning your child is doing each day , just make sure that you are doing little and often , for most children with Special Needs between 5 and 10 minutes is long enough for an an activity. Always  make sure that your give your child an instant reward after they have completed an activity. It  could be 5 minutes playing with their lego or favourite toy or doing some physical exercise. This will then motivate them to do the next activity.
Using a timer can also be helpful so your child knows exactly how long they need to do the activity you have given them .

Even though school is closed I am working as normal every day so if you have any questions, need any help with activities or want other resources I am here to help just email and the email will be forwarded to me.

I know some of you might not have printers  so if you would like paper versions of any of the resources please email and let me know and I can arrange for them to be printed and you can  collect them  from the school office. 

We are missing you all and hope that we will be back at school very soon.

Please look after each other, be kind and loving to one another and keep well.

Best wishes 

Ms Batchelor

Updated 31st March:

Please note that resources previously found below are still available by following the resource links on this page.