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Y1 Work Pack 4 (27th April - 1st May)

Dear Year 1,

How are you all doing?  Is it nice to not have to put your school uniforms on in the morning?   I’ve been busy enjoying the sunshine on my walks.  Have you noticed the new flowers and blossom and leaves sprouting on the tress?   Can you name the season that we are in now? 

I thought of you all when I had my birthday over the holidays, and we baked a carrot cake to celebrate.  It sounds a bit mad, but it really is delicious!  Shall we bake some carrot cake when we are back at school?  What is your favourite kind of cake?  

Down below are the links you will need for this week’s learning.  Don’t miss the videos I’ve made for your English lessons on YouTube and Mrs Meaker’s phonics is there too.  SJSPLearning channel. 

Choose which activities you want to do.  You don’t have to do everything, its up to you and and your parents.  I am always proud of you all.  Speaking of being proud - I’ve sent you star awards this week, so don’t forget to give yourself one on Friday for the thing you are most proud of, maybe making a sandwich for your family, or maybe doing some writing.

Best wishes to you all,    Miss Green 

Web-Links - you will need for this week.

SJSP Learning

Phonics -

Maths - all lesson are online -

English -   Monday - Dad the Cat and the Tree (read by me)

Tuesday - Crocodile and Vulture poems activity -

Wednesday - We’re Going on Bear Hunt - (read by author Michel Rosen)

Thursday - We’re Going on a Lion Hunt  -

Science - 10 Experiment ideas  -
Make a magnet maze -

History  - Who was Christopher Columbus?

Making play dough: