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Y6 Class Blog 2020/21


Hello Everyone, 

Welcome to Year 6! I'm looking forward to teaching you all full time in the next year. I know it's been an unusual time for everyone but I hope that you will be as eager to get back to learning as I am to teaching.

As you might already know, I love games, puzzles and quizzes. So for the last week of school, Year 6 had a go at a team quiz, competing against each other (as well as Jodie and Kelly) to see who could score the most. 

I'm attaching the quizzes below for you to have a go at them. You might want to play against your family, or work collaboratively as a team to see how high you can score or even use it to play against each other. I will add the answers but I think the fun is in trying to do your best without them.

When you've finished, have a go at making your own quiz. It could have a theme, rounds, puzzles whatever you want! Think about who your quiz is for. Who is your audience? Adults or children your age? Do you want the quiz to be for one person or for a team? 

Present the quiz however you choose. For example it could be a powerpoint, a spreadsheet or a script for the quiz leader to read out. 

Have fun and let me know your scores. I'll reveal the high scores from last year when school starts again. 

Remember to keep using DoodleMaths and read whatever you want whenever you can so your skills stay sharp!

Mr Hernandez


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