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Year 1

Dear Year 1, 

Hello my angels!  How I miss you all.  I wonder what you have been doing at home?  I’ve been doing go-noodle dance from our favourite website of course as well as reading my books every day.  I’ve also been doing some cooking and counting things carefully so I can share them equally, just like when we did our pancakes lesson.  Oh and I’ve been singing the tricky words song from ‘tricky words’ ‘epic phonics’ on youtube - Its so great!
As you know,  I really like drawing too, so I’ve been doing some drawing and doodling and trying to make a scary character for a book.  Can you have a go?
I think I’ll give every one of you a star this week for being amazing year 1 learners!  I know that you’ve been helping at home too which is so very important.
Now even though we aren’t at school, I know you will still be learning every day.  You can help with making food for dinner, and doing all the jobs around the house.  But you can also carry on reading reading  reading every day!  
Don’t forget to do some doodle maths every day to make your brain stronger!  I will be checking to see who is getting their doodle stars.  And I hope you’ll be doing some dancing or jumping every day as well as singing! 
I wonder what our naughty class puppy Ruby is getting up to while we are away?  Do you think she is chewing your books?  Or maybe she’s visiting the toys in other classrooms.  Has she escaped and gone on a journey around the world?  What do you think she’s been up to while we are gone?  Imagine one of your toys came to life while you were sleeping.  Can you write an adventure story featuring your favourite toys?  Don’t forget to draw lots of pictures!  
I’m looking forward to seeing you all again soon and finding out what work you’ve been doing, remember I am so proud of all of you!  Keep getting your stars for doing lots of learning and being super-helpful.

Lots of smiles from Miss Green